How to install / update

how to install?

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Wayne Os installation

1. prepare a usb(4-32) and plug it in your PC

2. download the nWayne OS installer. zip File to your download folder( local HDD/SSD) not the USB

3. unzip the Wayne Os installer File

4. Double click the zip.file to extract the file and execute the extracted. exe file

5.When the WyanOs installer starts, a small menu7 will be displayed on your screen

6. click next and follow the installation steps on the screen

7.Next, you will come across to a small menu taht ask you to choose a device path that you want to install Wayne OS

8.Choose your USB flash drive name and click next to follow the next installation steps on the screen

9. when the install preparation is completed, the installation will be startded ( do not plug off your USB during installation process

10. After the installation is completed, your USB i snow ready to be used as a Wayne OS USB

You can also check out our introduction video for more clearance.